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Video Production for "Down to Earth Aerials"

We met Amanda for the first time when we she was performing aerials at a Boys and Girls Club fundraising event that we were also photographing. Her performance was strikingly beautiful and mesmerizing, and it was the first time we had seen anyone pour champagne while hanging upside down with one leg tied in a silk knot. Her glittering costume and daring acrobatic twists and falls gave the evening some whimsical excitement. Since that first performance, we became good friends and have photographed alongside her unique performances over the last few years.

We were thrilled when she asked us to help direct and produce a performance demo video for her company,  Down to Earth Aerials. After collaborating on a script and story-boarding the process, we began filming in November 2017 by recording her script in the studio, then in December we filmed her team rehearsing at the Cirque de Vol studio in downtown Raleigh, and in January 2018, it culminated with a gala-inspired performance at the North Carolina Museum of History complete with a full band and, of course, champagne!

Behind-the-Scenes shenanigans of the filming process...