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The Future of Photography: Lens Design

We recently decided to venture into the world of YouTube with a channel dedicated to using a female voice (and a mischievous alter ego) to discuss photo and video gear, tech, and industry trends. It's not your typical channel of beginner how-to's; there are no cats (but there is a very adorable puppy!), and the audience will primarily be working professionals in our field. Our first video took 3 months to produce (!), so hopefully we'll get a little more efficient along the way. In the meantime, our first video is up, and you can read a review of it on

Danielle King walks through the advances that we’ve seen from major lens manufacturers in recent years, and peers into what we’ll want the most from the future.

In this bizarre video, King talks about technology that I’ve also come to love over the years.
— Stephen Kampff, Senior Staff Writer @fstoppers