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Writing to Learn


People often think that writers are only trying to teach others or only offer information to a distinct audience.  But often enough, writing is a personal, selfish act, of organizing your thoughts about a chaotic and intriguing piece of the world.  If you're lucky enough, some other people might like your self-indulgence, and that may be just enough of a reason to write more selflessly. 

I'm going to start writing for SLR Lounge - an industry leading news and educational resource for wedding and portrait photographers.  They don't realize how lucky I am to use the pressure of writing to be able to learn more.  I've noticed that without the pressure of performance, it's easy to only commit part of myself to a task, especially with the distractions of everyday life.    

For this little write-up, we wanted to create some fun visuals to go with the content since it is a somewhat unconventional topic for the industry. We created the cover image and the custom GIF using our Olympus OM-D E-M1 mkII, Godox V860 + AD200 fitted with MagMod accessories.

The idea for the GIF came from the article's focus on tech disruption in our industry. The accelerated rise of MagMod is ushered in by the decline of external radio triggers like PocketWizard and Radio Poppers.  I try to make this point clearer in the article.  And, well, we have a lot of their boxes laying around, so we thought we'd knock 'em around the house and try not to damage the walls too much!

If you're a fan of photography and interested in how the industry has evolved over time - for better or for worse, depending on who you ask - then you might enjoy watching the original video interview by Scott Galloway that sparked the idea for this article