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Angel & Rob

Since 2008 with the widespread integration of video features into dslr cameras, most wedding photographers and wedding videographers use the same cameras on the same day to create very different products for clients. For ten years we’ve been photographing weddings, working alongside videographers, and partnering with them to create cinematic and photographic moments. Wedding videography requires a special workflow. And many indie and small budget filmmaker should journey through a point in their career where they learn-from-doing, in this context. This is our first, and last attempt to replicate their work.

In our case, we could not have asked for a more perfect day in a quaint port city with such a charismatic couple like Angel and Rob. They fit the landscape and lifestyle of this port city. Their family and friends kept the energy higher than is typical for this sleepy town of Southport. But, for at least a day, Angel and Rob were royalty on the southern tip of North Carolina.