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Darla's Puppy Portraits

If there ever was a more anticipated arrival, I would bet this puppy's homecoming would give it a run for its money! Our multi-talented and all-around lovely friend, Amanda, just welcomed home her new bulldog baby named Darla. I couldn't wait to get a chance to play with, I mean photograph, this little smoosh-face cutie! 

We met Amanda and Darla at Pullen Park and quickly found the first shady spot. Typical of North Carolina summer, it was of course very hot and humid, so to keep everyone comfortable we chose only 2 locations in the park and tried to work quickly with plenty of water breaks. 

I imagine Darla is on her way to becoming a local favorite, she's already the "mascot" of Down to Earth Aerials and has been making the rounds among all the local shops! I even hear she's got a skateboard and is a pretty fast learner! So we'll be seeing more of Darla and her shenanigans around the Raleigh scene very soon - I'm still waiting on her official Instagram account to follow! 

Welcome Home Darla!